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Three Important Worker’s Compensation Points

Three Important Worker’s Compensation Points

By Raleigh + Durham Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at Hyland + Padilla, PLLC

Video Transcription:

Hi, My name is Andrea Fowler. I’m an attorney here at Hyland and Padilla, I work in the Raleigh office located at 2609 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 107.

Today, I want to talk to you about the three (3) most important things that you should do after an injury on the job. The first thing to do is to report the incident to a manager or supervisor, it’s as soon after the accident was possible would be best. You can verbally report it to a manager or supervisor or you can report it in writing to the managers or supervisors.

The second most important thing to do is, to seek medical treatment. Ideally, your employer would send you to a doctor or *inaudible* or hospital depending on the severity of the injury. If they have not offered to send you to the doctor you could ask them. Say, “I’m feeling bad, I’m injured, I need to see a doctor can you send me somewhere?” If they still refuse to send you somewhere after that, then the suggestion would be to see a medical treatment on your own as soon as possible. The reason why we say that is it really is important to help document your injuries. When you do think medical treatment. The doctor’s going to ask you, “How it happened? “Were you at work?” and he’s going to document what injuries you sustained based on his exam. We can then use that record later on in your case to help you, should the insurance company choose to deny your claim.

The third important thing to do is to consult with an attorney about your claim. Worker’s compensation can be a very confusing and difficult area of law not many people are familiar with it. So, consulting with an attorney will help you understand what your benefits are and what your needs are. Here in Hyland and Padilla, we offer free consultations all you need to do is call our office. We can interview on phone conference or we can schedule an appointment to come to the office to talk further about your case. Again, those consultations are free of charge so there is really nothing to lose.

That pretty much sums up the three most important things you should do after you’ve been entered on a job:

  1. Report.
  2. Seek treatment.
  3. Consult an attorney.

If you need assistance with your worker’s compensation claim, or the insurance company is denying a claim you feel should be covered, give Hyland + Padilla a call today to discuss your situation with one of our Raleigh + Durham worker’s compensation attorneys.

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