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Contracted COVID-19 at Work: Are You Entitled to Workers Compensation?

COVID-19 has caught the entire planet off guard. The speed with which this deadly disease has spread across the globe is truly unprecedented. And, as is the way with much of the inner workings of the law, the adoption and implementation of appropriate measures and legislation to deal with those affected by the disease has been slow and often maddeningly chaotic. It is extremely difficult to keep up with the changes because they are unfolding almost by the minute. And so it is with Worker's Compensation law. The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act as drafted with the idea that it would...

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Your Employer Closed Because of COVID-19? You May Still Have a Worker’s Comp Case

You may have a compensable workers compensation claim if you were injured at work in the past two years even if you have now been laid off or your employer closed due to the Coronavirus. To be clear, this is not an article about whether or not someone affected by COVID-19 directly can be compensated. This is related to what is covered under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. Under this act, workers are protected from injury from occupational accidents. These are injuries that occur during an employee's normal work routine. Though this may change, currently no legislation has been passed...

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