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Raleigh Car Accidents with Scooters—Everything You Need to Know


In July 2018, Raleigh became home to 1,500 electric scooters–and people are either loving or hating them. On the plus side, they’re cheap, convenient, and add a spark of fun to getting around the city. On the downside, they come with risks: between July and December 2018, there were 31 crashes in Raleigh involving scooters and cars....

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3 Tricks Insurance Companies May Use to Avoid Paying You

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it may be your instinct to reach out to your insurance company–or accept a call from the other party’s insurance agent–to discuss the crash as soon as possible. As Raleigh, North Carolina personal injury attorneys we have one word for you: Wait....

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10 Tips When Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims

The most important tips to remember when starting a worker's compensation claim When you are injured while on the job, it can be a stressful experience understanding what may happen next. Without being able to work, your mind may focus on the practical next steps after a work injury. You may wonder how you bills will get paid or how much work you might have to miss. The added financial stress associated with being hospitalized is often more concerning to victims than their own health....

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