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Is Your Place of Business Paying Enough Attention to Security?

Is Your Place of Business Paying Enough Attention to Security?

As a business owner, if you fail to secure your place of business properly, you could be opening up you and your business to premises liability.

If someone is injured, assaulted, or worse due to an intruder who entered the building easily due to poor security, you could be held responsible as the building owner.

You should assess your security situation before it’s too late to prevent a tragic incident and protect yourself legally.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is an extension of personal injury law.

For example, suppose an area of your property poses a hazard and can cause a potential injury. This can include anything from wet floors to an elevator accident. In that case, you must warn visitors through proper signage or security guards to reasonably try to prevent this injury.

As the property owner, if you fail to warn about possible dangers adequately, you may be liable when visitors injure themselves.

Common premises liability claims include slip and fall accidents, but it can expand to negligent security when inadequate building security leads to injury or assault.

What Is Negligent Security?

Apartment building and office building owners have a legal duty to act reasonably in securing access to their facilities. As a result, large building owners often employ door attendants or security guards to monitor the building’s visitors and entrances.

Building ownership may require tenants or workers to keep the back and front doors locked on the first floor for smaller buildings.

In the worst-case scenario, if an intruder breaks in or someone walks in through an unlocked door and then commits an assault or murder, the building owner could be held responsible for not taking reasonable action to secure the building properly.

What Should I Do If I Have A Premises Liability Case Brought Against Me?

If someone is suing you for premises liability because of inadequate security, reach out to Hyland & Padilla right away. We offer free consultations to help you understand the changes in your case and provide you with decades of experience in North Carolina premises law.

If you’re looking to be proactive, first notify all your tenants of which entrances need to be locked, then consider hiring security for any busy entrances to ensure no potential wrong-doers enter your building.

Finally, you can schedule a consultation with our legal team to discuss your current security measures and if you’re open to any liability.

  • Carolyn Hunter
    Carolyn Hunter

    Mr Padilla is extremely helpful with your personal injury. His staff is great. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I have worked with Mr Padilla several times over the years. He is a wonderful caring attorney. He will go all out to make his client happy. He will get you resorts. Call him today with your legal needs. I DID!

  • Salik Jennings
    Salik Jennings

    Working with them I found it to be extremely pleasant. I highly recommend their services!

  • thanks Hyland padilla for your help . Very happy and great full with the results . Thank you for helping the Hispanic community very happy with the results blessings. Andre and Stefani did A great job

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    Sean Bann

    I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing help with personal injury or Workman's compensation claim, my attorney's name is Mrs. Andrea Fowler and her assistants name is Stephanie and I can tell you for a fact that they both will go above and beyond to make sure that your claim is handled professionally and that the outcome is the best you can get in your favor. Thanks so much for helping me with my cases.

  • Andrea Mcrae
    Andrea Mcrae

    Hello I would like to say that I’ve Been a client of Andrea Fowler for Years, and I can truly say she is very Professional and she is someone That will help you over many hurdles in life. She has been there for me and My family. She will get the job done and done the RIGHT way. She and her team Has been AWESOME!!! When LIFE hits you, you can depend on MS ANDREA Fowler. She will FIGHT For you. So no worries give her and Her team a call and they will listen To your needs and help you. Thank you, ANDREA MCRAE

  • I have a claim on 2009 cover for John Padilla, and he do the best for my intereses, I have opportunity to recommend to others friends of mine, and they have a very satisfactory experience with his firm and his team. Even right now I'm in the middle of a case, and I feel very confident because John Padilla is covering my back Thank John for be a exceptional lawyer, respectful, friendly and professional in you own Gracias John

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