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FAQ: What Is The Personal Injury Claims Process?

FAQ: What Is The Personal Injury Claims Process?

By Raleigh + Durham Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at Hyland + Padilla, PLLC

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Andrea Fowler, and I’m an attorney here with Hyland & Padilla. Today we’re going to talk about: “What is the personal injury claims process?” If you have sustained a personal injury, let’s say, for instance, an auto accident, then one of the next steps is to report the claim, that claims process is the same also if you have a slip and fall. Some of the information that you need to report a claim if you’ve had a personal injury accident is going to be the defendant’s information, whether it be a store or somebody that’s hit you, and then their insurance information. Generally, it’s a really good idea to talk to an attorney before you contact the insurance company because once you contact the insurance company, they’re going to start asking you a lot of questions, and they may even ask for a recorded statement. We always advise that you speak with an attorney before providing that information as it may work for or against you later on in the claims process.

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