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FAQ: ¿Necesito un abogado?

FAQ: ¿Necesito un abogado?

Por Raleigh + Durham Abogados de Compensación para Trabajadores en Hyland + Padilla, PLLC

Transcripción de video:

Hola, soy Chris Hyland. Soy abogado de Hyland & Padilla. Una de las preguntas comunes que recibimos es: “¿Necesito un abogado o qué puede hacer mi abogado por mí?” Los abogados conocen la ley y, por lo tanto, lo único que usted tiene cuando contrata a un abogado es alguien que conozca la ley. ley. La compañía de seguros y los ajustadores de seguros también conocen la ley, y no necesariamente van a compartir con usted todo lo que debe saber. Una vez que tenga un abogado que conozca la ley, nuestro trabajo es asegurarnos de que recopilemos toda la información para asegurarnos de que la compañía de seguros considere todo lo que es importante para usted para hacer una oferta de solución justa.

Si la compañía de seguros se está comunicando con usted y no sabe qué hacer, lo que hacemos para cada uno de nuestros clientes es recopilar los registros médicos, recopilar el informe del accidente, entrevistar a los testigos, armar el mejor paquete de demanda posible que Podemos negociar con la compañía de seguros. Una vez que se resuelva su caso, si eso es posible, sabrá que todo lo que se pudo hacer por usted se hizo. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor llámenos.

Si necesita ayuda con el reclamo de compensación de su trabajador, o la compañía de seguros está negando un reclamo que cree que debería estar cubierto, llame hoy a Hyland + Padilla para analizar su situación con uno de nuestros abogados de compensación de trabajadores de Raleigh + Durham.

Llame Hoy a Nuestros Abogados Especializados en Lesiones Personales

  • thanks Hyland padilla for your help . Very happy and great full with the results . Thank you for helping the Hispanic community very happy with the results blessings. Andre and Stefani did A great job

  • Working with them I found it to be extremely pleasant. I highly recommend their services!

  • Hello I would like to say that I’ve Been a client of Andrea Fowler for Years, and I can truly say she is very Professional and she is someone That will help you over many hurdles in life. She has been there for me and My family. She will get the job done and done the RIGHT way. She and her team Has been AWESOME!!! When LIFE hits you, you can depend on MS ANDREA Fowler. She will FIGHT For you. So no worries give her and Her team a call and they will listen To your needs and help you. Thank you, ANDREA MCRAE

  • I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing help with personal injury or Workman's compensation claim, my attorney's name is Mrs. Andrea Fowler and her assistants name is Stephanie and I can tell you for a fact that they both will go above and beyond to make sure that your claim is handled professionally and that the outcome is the best you can get in your favor. Thanks so much for helping me with my cases.

  • I have a claim on 2009 cover for John Padilla, and he do the best for my intereses, I have opportunity to recommend to others friends of mine, and they have a very satisfactory experience with his firm and his team. Even right now I'm in the middle of a case, and I feel very confident because John Padilla is covering my back Thank John for be a exceptional lawyer, respectful, friendly and professional in you own Gracias John

  • Mr Padilla is extremely helpful with your personal injury. His staff is great. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I have worked with Mr Padilla several times over the years. He is a wonderful caring attorney. He will go all out to make his client happy. He will get you resorts. Call him today with your legal needs. I DID!

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