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Car Accidents

How Are Distracted Driving Accidents Treated in North Carolina?

According to the National Safety Council, auto accidents occur in a split second -- and more than 330,000 people suffer injuries every year as a result of distracted driving accidents. Most states have distracted driving laws to govern fault in these cases, but what you’re allowed varies, such as cell phone laws. North Carolina has some complicated statutes, such as you can receive calls while driving, but you can not text. Understanding what you’re allowed and prohibited from doing can help prevent an accident and enable you to know if another driver was at fault. What Constitutes As Distracted Driving In...

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What Makes a Driver “At-Fault” in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, if your actions contributed even one percent to the overall occurrence of an accident, you're at fault. The State is one of the most severe and unforgiving when it comes to a fault in traffic accidents. North Carolina enforces a "shared fault" or "contributory negligence" rule, which means that no one can claim monetary damages for the accident if more than one party is at fault. How Is Accident Fault Determined In North Carolina? North Carolina's contributory negligence law binds judges and juries when deciding who committed any fault in an accident and how much money a wronged party should...

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Make Sure You Collect This Info At the Scene of a Traffic Accident

The moments following a car accident can cause your heart to start pounding and make you feel panicked to ensure everyone is alright. Despite the anxiety you might be feeling, it’s essential to regain your focus and collect critical information at the scene of your traffic accident to ensure you can receive proper compensation later. What Information Do I Need To Collect At The Scene Of A Traffic Accident? After a car collision occurs, the police or -- and sometimes both -- your insurance company will need to decide who was at fault for the accident. To do this, you’ll need to exchange...

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Have a Plan for Traffic Accident


Traffic accidents occur instantly and cause damage, financial issues, and even medical issues in the weeks and months to come. Safe driving helps eliminate some risk of traffic accidents, but often car accidents might not even be your fault. Having a plan before an accident occurs will help you handle the stressful and frantic moment better if it occurs. How Do You Know Who Is At Fault In A Traffic Accident? Knowing who caused a traffic accident isn't always clear cut, such as when two drivers merge into a single lane and collide. In general, traffic laws will help determine who was the careless...

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Raleigh Car Accidents with Scooters—Everything You Need to Know


In July 2018, Raleigh became home to 1,500 electric scooters–and people are either loving or hating them. On the plus side, they’re cheap, convenient, and add a spark of fun to getting around the city. On the downside, they come with risks: between July and December 2018, there were 31 crashes in Raleigh involving scooters and cars....

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